About Guitarras Cuervito de Pavones

Premium quality guitars and ukuleles.

Welcome to Tropical Guitars, home to Guitarras Cuervito de Pavones. We are in the business of constructing world class quality guitars and ukuleles from the tropical hardwoods available down here in the Golfo Dulce area of southern Costa Rica. In fact, we started making musical instruments after repairing countless guitars that were ravaged by the high humidity here in the tropics.

I brought an expensive Martin Guitar down here years ago, and the bridge lifted off in 3 months. Martin fixed it under warranty but blacklisted my guitar from that time forward. So I built a “dry closet”, a humidity controlled environment that I keep my Martin and a few other instruments from the north protected from the humidity. I take it out to play it , then put it away.

A better option would be to build instruments in the 80% RH climate that I live in. So I put my forty plus years as a professional woodworker to work, and started designing and building custom guitars. The result, Guitarras Cuervito de Pavones.

My guitars don’t need a special closet in our high humidity conditions. Just play ’em outside in the rain (figuratively) and hang ’em on the wall til next time.