Body Wood & Construction

Cristobal and cocobolo, local hardwoods.

I mostly use a local hardwood that is known as cristóbal or cachimbo in Costa Rica for back and sides. Granadillo is the name used by U.S. builders. The scientific name is platymiscium spp. It is the wood used for marimba keys. It has a wonderful ringing tone and great sustain. It’s a beautiful reddish brown color and makes great sounding guitars.

I offer some gorgeous Pavones plantation grown cocobolo for back, sides and fretboards.

I also offer some beautiful goncalo alves wood, known as ron ron in Costa, for backs and sides. It is very hard, provides excellent tone, and is visually stunning.

All my necks are one piece 100% quartersawn, which makes them exceedingly stable.  I offer a limited number of  guitar necks out of cristóbal. It’s a little heavier than traditional mahogany or Spanish cedar  but very stiff and stable.

The sides are individually custom bent by hand over a bending iron.