Popular body styles in acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

I currently have the two most popular body styles in acoustic guitars today. One shape is similar to a Martin OM or 000 style. This body shape stems from the classical guitars designed by Torres in the mid 1800’s. This  shape is perfect for blues, rock, or any kind of traditional or folk music.

The other shape I make is similar to the dreadnought shape guitar designed by Harry L. Hunt around 1915 and manufactured by Martin Guitars. This guitar has a deeper body and a wider waist, which gives more volume and a louder bass than a smaller guitar.  This is the type of guitar used by almost all bluegrass guitarists. The dreadnought photo to the right is a 12 string model.

In the near future I will be offering a 3/4 size dreadnought style guitar that is a little easier to pack around, which makes it great as a quality travel guitar.