Soundboard Wood & Construction

Torrefied AAA grade Sitka spruce.

I mostly use torrefied AAA grade Sitka spruce. Torrefaction is a heat drying technique, similar to kiln drying, but done in an oxygen free treatment room.  This process tends to harden the microscopic resins in wood, which is what happens naturally over a long period of time. This aging process is why old instruments sound soooo good. Torrefaction does the same thing. It makes a new guitar sound like a very old guitar.

All major manufacturer are utilizing torrefied wood for select models. It is also slightly darker in color than a brand spankin’ new guitar. Some manufacturers are producing “vintage” guitars and even going so far as to create a “faux” finish, including a crazed and cracked lacquer. I prefer to make new guitars with the best quality woods ,that sound great and let the buyer produce his own “wear and tear”.

I also have some great old growth Adirondack  Spruce,  not torrefied but stiffer than Sitka that can be played with a little more zeal than any other type of spruce. Recommended for dreadnought style or 12 string guitars.

My soundboards are braced with quarter sawn torrefied Sitka spruce, slightly curved to a 28 foot radius, that produces excellent tone, volume, and resistance to distortion. I use a tried and true X type of bracing pattern with “scalloped” braces to maximize volume and tone while maintaining structural integrity.